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5 Best Android Apps To Learn English as of 2020

People who learn English as a second language find it difficult to master it. If you are one of those, you may find these apps very useful. Use them every day and practice and you could be speaking good English in no time! The problem for these people is that they don’t get enough exposure to spoken English. Even if they get, they are not sure it is standard English. If you try to learn a word and its meaning and you try to put it in a context…I don’t think it gets you along.

The key to learning English is to pay attention to ‘spoken phrases’ and use them appropriately. This can be achieved only when you listen to and repeat native speakers. Ok. Let me show you those 5 android apps that help you learn English quickly. Download them from the ‘Playstore’ on your android phone. Don’t have one? Well, go and buy one.

1. British Council Podcasts

This application is from You have different episodes of Elementary podcasts. These podcasts are presented by Ravi and Tess, your hosts. Go to the Episode you would like to listen to. You can download it or just stream the content. Make sure you have enough internet data available . The presenters just talk about some interesting things. You can read the spoken text as they talk. Thus, you can improve your listening. You need not try to understand every word.

It does not stop there.You can try some grammar exercises as well. Choose the element you want to practise and do that.

If you want further execises, you can purchase them.

2. ESL POD Podcasts

This is also a great application that helps you master English quickly. It presents conversations between two people, the host and another person. You can download the conversation audio file and listen to it as you read the conversation on the screen. You can listen to the conversation slowly or fast. The host explains every new and difficult word or expression in the conversation and takes you through it. Once you do this, you are familiar with some new expressions. This improves your listening as well as your understanding of new vocabulary.

3. VOA (Voice Of America)

VOA presents news in American English. The presenter reads the news as you read along. The news includes history and everything. This application is mostly for improving your listening ability. You can also improve your English through stories.

4. English Grammar Practice

Well, it’s not just listening and speaking. You need to understand basic grammar rules to be able to speak good English. Download English Grammar app from play store and practice grammar exercises. A ‘Timer’ starts showing once you start an exercise and helps you how quick you are!

5. English Dictionary

This is the most important of all the apps. You need to have a standard dictionary of English to check the words you don’t understand or the phrases you find interesting. There are some standard dictionaries like Oxford, Merriam Websters. Collins that give you definitions of words and phrases. You can use free version of these or buy them if you like.

Hope these 5 applications help you in learning English. If this post about ‘5 best android apps’ helps you, do write your feedback in the comments section.

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