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10 best file sharing sites free for greater than 5 GB in 2020

The best file sharing sites free for greater than 5 GB: In this global world we all are interconnected with each other thorough internet, we not only sharing our views and opinion on a daily basis but most of us also need to send or share large files and data with others. This is not a free thing to do especially when we are talking about large files to share, there are many websites which are charging some amount to give userspace to share their data files but we bring you some of the Top Free File Sharing Sites greater than 5 Gb by which you can easily share your stuff with others.

List Top Free File Sharing Sites:

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular file sharing service, by using this free service you can store and share your files by not only dropbox users but to other users as well, it offers storage space up to 2gb but you can get space up to 16gb using referral system, the best thing in this service is it works in offline mode as well, so your data can be accessed anytime.

2. is also a free file sharing service just like dropbox, user can share their documents, videos and photos. According to the companies claim they offer very secure handy system to share your files , the file storage capacity provided by is 15 GB and up to 20 GB with referral system. It is good option for personal or business user.

3. We Transfer

It is the simplest file sharing service available because it doesn’t  even require signup and user can share files up to 2 GB of space. In this service, the given file remains available for seven days from the date of upload. Unlike others it also shows advertisements on their download page.

4. MailBigFile

It is superb free file sharing service which allows up to  2gb of space to their users, one benefit of this site it allows their users to upload multiple files at a time so over all it is a good option.

5. MediaFire

Mediafire  is very famous file sharing service, it offers different plans, the basic plan is free which allows space capacity of 10 GB but you can use space of up to 100Tb in paid plans.

6. HighTail

Hightail which is formerly called “YouSendIt” is another fab site for secure and prompt file sharing and storage. It also offers free signup and trials for their services. In free service plan it offers 2 GB storage space and  250mb file sharing space and 5 e-signatures. This plan is called as “Lite Plan”.

7. is another good file sharing service, it provide file storage and sharing facility to the user. The space limit is about 250mb for un registered members.

8. Sugarsync

It is also a great service but only drawback is limited trial period of 90 days  for free with the space of 5 GB,but you can increase space by decreasing your trial period to 30 days. Apps for different platforms are also available, so one can consider it for limited time opportunity.

9. Box

The box is a simple free and clean website with free storage and sharing facility, it has a great interface with which you can manage your data easily and organize them. On free signup, the box gives you about 10GB of space. Web and apps for this website are also is becoming a popular file-sharing service day by day.

10. Mega

Mega is a recently launched facility for file sharing, the biggest plus for this website is 50 GB space provided by them to free users. It is compatible with all major browsers and mobile apps for android blackberry and ios also available. Registration prior to use age is not necessary for this service but they do apply certain restrictions.

These Top Free File Sharing Sites are based on the research work of our team and analysis of different users’ feedbacks kindly share this post, if you are using or recommend any better alternative do not forget to share with us.

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