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10 best free antivirus recommended by Reddit in 2020

Free antivirus recommended by Reddit: One lethal virus can possibly halt the smooth functioning of your PC and may even lead to exposing your monetary details. In order to avoid such threats, it’s very important to have Best Antivirus Software. And in today’s post, we have provided a comprehensive list of 10 Free Antivirus Softwares which you can download, you need not spend a penny and can still keep your PC safe and sound. It’s vital to provide security from a variety of viruses (Trojan, worms, rootkits), phishing, malware, spyware. With growing virus threats we need to keep up with a variety of good antivirus software and which is a reason why today’s list can prove sufficient to deal with such threats.

List of 10 Best Free Antivirus Reddit 2020

1) Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the best free antivirus softwares reddit at this point of time.The good feature is user friendly interface,very easy and the best part is it updates automatically.It works perfectly fine for Windows 10,XP. You can find red , green or yellow icons to know there’s a threat if any.Although Microsoft is new in antivirus world but still name Microsoft is Promising one.

2) AVG

AVG is one of the biggest giants ,you can find it is stunning because it tracks fishy links,downloads,Email scanner.It updates automatically and most importantly freely available.You can also protect your mobile devices.

3) Bitdefender Antivirus

Easy to use. Works well on Windows 8,10, XP. Very easy to install. It uses your system resources. You can download it for free.

4) Avast Free Antivirus 

You might have already heard the name of Avast before. Works perfectly fine with Windows 8,10, XP, Vista. A must antivirus software. I personally use Avast Free Edition. In order to get more features like proving e-commerce transaction securities, blocking spam, phishing scams, blocking hacker’s threats you can go with 77$ per month package.

5) Kaspersky

One of the best Antivirus software you can get. Easy to use, protects from a variety of virus threats. You can get real-time updates with Kaspersky a must download antivirus software.

6) MalwareBytes

You can get free features like malware detection and protection, access to the expert community, and Support teams(Email.forums), you can upgrade in order to get more features. Still a good Antivirus Software.

7) Avira Free Antivirus 

Works all by itself,it on’t prompt you with messages.It supports Windows 10 ,XP,Vista.You can find features like website site advisory which tell you how secure is a particular website .It blocks all possible spyware,it also gives you real time protection from (viruses,worms, rootkits etc).

8) Comodo

Apart from proving security to PC comodo also deals with Email, instant messaging, and gaming threats. Cleans up malware for free, Auto Sandbox technology however you can spend an additional 500 $ if you want added features like Firewall protection.

09) Emisoft 

You can find a wide range of features with Emisoft. You can find a variety of software packs on their website. It runs successfully on Windows 8,10, XP, and Vista.

10) Panda

Another free Antivirus software tool you cannot miss. You can find various options like web filtering, custom scanning, custom scanning that can be found on various software like Microsoft Security Essentials. You may spend an additional 30 $ to get tech support, community firewall, protection in public WiFi Networks, automatic USB vaccination.

Additional free Antivirus software are 11) Immunet Free Antivirus 12) Ad-ware free internet security

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