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Four Best Ip Changer software for windows 10 in 2020

Best Ip Changer software for windows 10: Everyone wants to use the internet anonymously and securely, some people also want to access the prohibited sites either in their school, office, hostels, or sometimes countries. I have been asked many times by people about How to change the IP address? Or how to access blocked sites on the internet and some people asked me which VPN software is best. So I am going to tell Four Best IP Changer software for windows 10 which you can use for free and with ease.

Best IP switcher software for windows 10:

01. Zenmate:

Firstly, I am going to tell you about a simple plugin which is available for almost every web browser including ios and android. Download this plugin for your browser and install it, it will appear on the toolbar of your browser every time you want to access the blocked site or want to change your IP just open it switch it on and you are ready to go. For free it provides 5 countries to switch IP you have to take membership for more location.

The plus of using this plugin or extension is ease of use and it doesn’t harm your computer and data travelling through it instead encrypts you data which provide security. Other thing it doesn’t affect your internet speed like most of vpn softwares do. Neither faced any of the connectivity issue with their server. So if you are looking for free solution to access block sites or change ip address I highly recommend to use Zenmate

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02. Spotflux:

Spotflux has widely used VPN software, it is compatible with windows, and mac and mobile apps are also available. The great thing about this VPN software is that it is free, so you can encrypt your data and surf the web anonymously. It masks your IP address and location thus you can access any blocked website using this software. If you like this software you can go for its premium version. We recommend spot flux as a second-best option for your pc, laptops or mobile phones

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03. Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot shield is one of the popular software to mask IP, this VPN software is also free and premium versions. Hotspot shield also encrypts your data when you enable it and hence ensures your privacy. If you want to mask your identity and surf the web safely and securely Hotspot shield is a good option. Few cons we have found about this software are connected to the server, several times it wouldn’t connect to the server or sometimes lost connection. Another annoying thing is ads that only show up when you are using the free version so if you want to go ads free so have to upgrade Hotspot shield to the elite version. Overall it is far better free VPN software.

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04. HideMyAss:

Hidemyass is very popular ip changer software used by hundreds of people, based on user feedback it is one of the most trusted vpn software. It doesn’t come as free or trial version but you have to buy it before use. Unlike Hotspot it doesn’t affect your internet speed thus you can surf the web with equally faster rate as you are using without any vpn software.

As it is not free so it said to be the most trustworthy software with best encryption methods and shield. So using this IP changer you cannot only mask your IP address but also can protect your data with high-quality shielding. It provides you with more than 500 servers every time you connect you got a new ip address, so it is excellent VPN software if you are looking for premium ip changer.

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So these are our Four Best Ip Changer software for windows If you have queries or recommendation regarding ip changer,kindly share with us.

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