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Bookfi alternatives- 25 Awesome Websites to Download Free EBooks

Bookfi alternatives: EBooks are really useful these days. With the help of technology gaining knowledge has become really easier, we don’t have to carry loads of books everywhere, we can simply download the Ebooks and can access it anywhere we want to via Mobile, PC, Laptops. In this post, I have discussed various websites which can help you download free EBooks, so that you don’t have to spend a penny buying Books. Remember there are thousands of resources where you can find free EBooks but this post has made your task easier by giving a list of 25 Ebook resources to download books for free.

Following is the list of 25 awesome Websites to Download Free EBooks similar to Bookfi

Bookboon is a website where you will find more than 1000 EBooks and the best part is you can download the Ebook without registration.You will find various categories on this website.

Here you can find  vast categories of books and again it is free to download.


This website is paradise for those who are interested in programming stuff.This website has collection of books in computer programming category and it’s worth visiting the website. is another good resourse to get your favourate EBook for free.You can not find difficult to find books on this website is another website where you will get free ebook,plus you can create your own EBook and submit it as well.

You will find 425 ebooks on openculture.You can choose from the wide categories of languages in

Esnips contain categories ranging from technology,finance.To explore more categories you can visit the website.

I must say it’s a very good website to download ebook for free.You will find your books very easily on this website.


You will read the content on this website free of cost.To explore more visit the website.


The name itself is self-explanatory Here you will see content based on programming. like you can also see some of the cool categories related to technology

This website is really good , you can find over 11000 ebooks.So you can’t miss out on this site.

This is also good website,they are also giving ebooks for free.

This is wonderful site,i am a fan of this site , you will find some cool  categories on this page.


Planetebook features various novels ,drama series by prominent authors.If you are interested in that stuff link is given above.


 Website you cannot missout on , if you want to read about literature do visit the website to explore.


You have options to explore more than 30000 Ebooks


You can download upto 100,000 free ebooks , no registration required, simple visit the site and explore your options.


One of my favourate sites.You will love the site and you won’t find hard to seach the book you wan to search..A dovisit website.


Earlier know as gobusz ,yet another website to get free ebooks


Website to get books on literature,legislative,Govement,Legal books.


You will get lots of categories here.


To download any ebook from this site you would have to register with them .One of my favourate websites.


If you are fan of Wikipedia , you can’t miss out on this website.


Massive categories to choose from .One of my favourate sites to download eBooks


Yet another stunning website to search for free ebooks. It is recommended for students who can find categories related to various subjects.

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