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Juicemp3 alternatives- 10 Best Free Music Download Sites

Best Juice mp3 alternatives: Imagine when you don’t have to search your favorite song on the Internet, you can simply visit the website and download the free music that you like. Well, people have a hard time to search for favorite songs because there are so many websites out there where you may or may not find your favorite song and you may, later on, find out that you need to purchase a song which is very annoying and you end up wasting your time and find yourself I searched the song 15 minutes and I am still nowhere. Okay, I understand this situation and in order to get rid of this, we have named some of the cool websites where you can find your favorite songs all for free, without wasting time.

Top 10 juice mp3 alternatives as of 2020

The information provided by me in this post is correct to my knowledge and if you feel worth contributing to then please post the name of the websites in the comments ,but don’t spam.

I would not be surprised if you have heard the name of this website before.Since it is one of the most famous websites where you can find almost any song you would search for.The songs which you search always appear on top of search resuls are redirected to this website.So a good website where you will find more than millions of songs for free.You can also find youtube video uploaded on the site if you want to se the video as well.

2.Amazon Music

You can browse various music albums on Amazon music. I don’t have to tell anyone about Amazon, it’s a giant on the Internet. You can blindly visit the website and search your favorite track there. However there are some tracks you may need to pay, you can also surf for free songs there.


Soundcloud is a website where you can find lots of songs for free, not all of them are free but you can find lots of songs, you can also record songs in your own voice and upload on Soundcloud. One of the best websites to get free Music.


Lovely website,you can find lots of categories on this site.My personal favourate.

You will find so many categories on this website.Ranging from 60’s 70’s 80′ 90′ , a good website for a change different from most of the websites is what makes it unique I love to browse this site for my favourate Music Download.


Not as much popular as other sites I have mentioned above ,but still a good site .You can find many songs on the site for free.Link is provided above.

You can find upto 500 songs here.Not a popular site,but you can browse the songs for change.

8.Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a website where you can find more than 20,000 songs for free. Lots of categories to choose from.


A good website especially for visitors from US.If you are from India or other countries then plz read the policies because they don’t allow free access to songs from other countries.


Vimeo as we all know is famous for videos ,however they do allow you to download free music,not all songs are free on vimeo,but you can browse through free songs.

I hope my article was useful and cheers to browsing.

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