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30 Handy Tools for Web Designers and Developers must know

If you’re a web designer or developer doing your own business or developing sites for your clients, you must know some tools which ll help you improve productivity and helps to scale things. Here are the following 30 tools that every developer should have in their pocket.

WordPress: Considered one of the most powerful content management systems, it is easy to use, powerful, and completely customizable. Use it to power a five-page site or a giant marketplace.

Responsive Design Bookmarklet: This tool, when activated on a webpage, creates a toolbar with the option to view the site in several different common screen layouts. The developer can then modify the page so it renders correctly on multiple platforms.

Photoshop: Considered the king in image development, Photoshop is a must have tool for web designers. Illustrator is a great companion.

iA Writer: This copywriting tool helps developers focus on the content creation of their sites. With tools for enhancing focus and reducing noise, you can create outstanding content in less time.

StripeMania: If you want dividers and diagonal stripes for your design, StripeMania is a handy tool to have on hand. It allows you to create color gradients and specify the spacing between stripes.

Crumbs: This tool is perfect for the developer who has multiple projects going on at once, with a few clients who aren’t so great at remembering to pay you. Crumbs is essentially a holding page that visitors see when they go to the site. It is a great way to motivate your client to pay up (done professionally of course).

FontStruct: Create cool new fonts with geometric shapes and patterns. This tool is free and comes with a simple and intuitive editor.

Icon Finder: Do you need an arrow, a button, or other icon to spruce up your site? This tool helps you find over 100,000 free icons across the Internet.

ColourLovers: A web-based app, this software gives you an inspiring array of color palettes and patterns. You can look through the presets, create your own, and share your ideas with others.

Google Analytics: This tool helps gather data about traffic patterns, organic and referral sources, and keyword searches. Give your site a boost by tweaking pages and SEO to optimize visibility.

Aptana Studio: This software allows you to author your page in html, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. With intuitive response ability, the software highlights the coding problems present in different browsers.

Backlink Watch: This tool monitors all backlinks created for your site. You can see the page source, the anchor text, and the page rank.

BigVideo.js: This tool is free and helps designers create a full screen video slideshow or video background on a site. It is designed to help your video occupy a large screen without sacrificing quality.

Alexa: This online web evaluator can help you determine your popularity and level of influence across the Web. It evaluates traffic patterns, demographics, and search analytics.

BrokenLink Checker: Simply type the URL of the page you are working on. It will notify you of any broken links in the page. This tool is especially helpful for large pages with a lot of links.

WhattheFont? If you find a font that you love on another website, this tool will help you search for the closest match in its database. Great tool for when you are in the design phase of your site!

Connect-a-Sketch: If you work better on paper, design your site plans and layouts and then upload it to this tool. The drag and drop interface allows you to make prototypes quickly with your drawings. This tool is incredibly helpful for those who don’t want the web design process to get hung up on waiting for images. Simply create a placeholder and keep designing!

Dragonfly: This debugging tool helps developers to spot errors and problems in your code. It also provides debugging for mobile platforms.

JavaScript Code Improver: This simple no-frills tool tidies up your JavaScript. It helps create continuity between coders on the same large-scale project.

Notepad++: Free source code editor. You can write in multiple languages in a MS Word type format.

Frank DeLoupe: This tool is about a $1.00, but completely worth it. When you are browsing the web and you find a color on a website that you love, DeLoupe creates a permanent eyedropper on your screen that allows you to grab the code for the color. You must have Photoshop for this tool to work.

Gridset: This online tool runs about $18 a month, but gives developers the ability to build responsive grid designs without the math headache. With a library of preset grids, you can use theirs or create your own.

FitText: This jquery plug-in gives you the ability to create flexible font sizes. Now, when viewers look at your site on a mobile device or laptop, the font adjusts its size to the parent element perfectly.

Categorizer: This script is ingenious. It assumes that all visitors are viewing from a mobile device by default. If it detects a laptop, it adjusts the layout for computer browsing.

Pingdom Tools: Test your page’s performance. Get information on loading time and the number of objects that must render before the page loads.

CSS3 Generator:No more trying to remember CSS declarations from memory. It also gives you information on browser support.

PatternTap: This tool is a digital scrapbooking software that allows you to collect designs and inspiration from across the web. Use the filters to sort ideas by tagging designs for different projects.

Audacity: A great tool to used for recording voiceovers or editing music.

MediaTable: This jquery plugin designed to work with response.js, helps developers deal with large data tables on mobile devices. It adds a show/hide toggle and responsive columns for mobile viewers.

A website developer or designer need to work with above tools to create amazing web properties as these tools can help to work out critical issues that need to be solved, as well as helps to execute best creative potentials.

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